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We, the leadership team at Heber Valley Martial Arts, would like to personally invite you to our humble dojo in the mountains of Heber City.

For over a decade, we have run Tora Jutsu classes here in this town. As a member of the worldwide Tora Jutsu federation, we bring to you a traditional, self-defense-oriented martial art that was only found on the other side of the world for many centuries. You will find students of all ages here, and we have classes for students of all skill levels. Whether you have a martial arts background or are entirely new to the lifestyle, we are devoted to teaching you or your child everything you need to know to become a peaceful warrior.

You’ll learn physical fitness training, all kinds of traditional techniques, and real-world applications of all our skills. We also teach philosophy from ancient stories and teachings which focus on calming the mind and promoting perseverance, discipline, and mental acuity, while strengthening the body.

Every Tora Jutsu class is different. You’ll learn from a comprehensive Kihon (curriculum) put together by the grandmaster and many of our high-level black belts– but we also love having fun and doing all kinds of training activities.

We do require you to sign a waiver with registration.

Injury is surprisingly uncommon in our dojo and safety is a high priority for us, but please do remember that this is a contact martial art.

Lastly, we’d like to invite any and all parents who are signing their kids up to participate in the classes.

This program is not just for children, but adults too! In fact, martial art was traditionally made for adults and families, starting in Okinawa (Southern Japan).

Thank you for checking us out, and we hope to walk with you on your martial arts journey henceforth!

Feel free to use the CONTACT US page to share any comments or concerns.

The Tora Jutsu Team

Kwinten M. Kemp (Shihan, 5th degree black belt, school director)
Ellie Epperson (Sensei, 3rd degree black belt, instructor)
Kaeleb Kemp (Sensei, 2nd degree black belt, instructor)
Alanna Kemp (Sensei, 1st degree black belt, instructor)
JoAnn Grimes (Sensei, 1st degree black belt, dojo assistant)